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When I think of “cheese”, I automatically think of France and Italy. To discover some of Germany’s own fine cheeses featured at the monthly Cheese Club of the Philippines gathering was a delightful revelation for me. Like the Mountain Rebel Cheese (or Bergrebell) — almost sounds exotic to me. (My first reaction was: “Queso ng mga NPA?“) Most interesting of all about this particular cheese is that it’s allergy-friendly! According to the literature, this cheese is “100% GMO-free and without fermented foodstuffs”.

According to a website, http://www.dcicheeseco.com/cheese/germany, “Germany is the largest cheese producing country in Europe (followed closely by France, Italy and the Netherlands).” Wow, I never knew that! “Thanks to the diversity of its landscapes and various recipes and methods of production, Germany offers more than 600 different types of cheese, most of which are produced in Bavaria. German cheeses include traditional favorites brought to the country by immigrants, many of which are characterized by strong flavors and smells.” Now we know.