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Serendipity is coming upon specially good food in unlikely, off-the-beaten-track places. Like in San Juan City, especially in Little Baguio. One such delightful spot is Segovia’s Cakes and Recipes.

Way back then (noong panahon pa ni Mahoma, as my Lola would say), hilly Little Baguio was comparatively cooler and breezier than Manila and considered the go-to summer retreat of prominent Manileños. Lovely summer homes with spacious grounds filled with trees were built here. Today, Little Baguio plays host to many delightful eateries, cafes, and restaurants located along its winding streets. Such as Segovia’s Cakes and Recipes, which is on 7 M.A. Reyes St., just off J. Abad Santos St. It is the ancestral home of the Segovias and the daughter, Carmen, put up a bakery-café right where the garage used to be. Behind that, she has her Cake Studio.

After we had had our wonderful lunch of roasted duck rice at the Choi Hung Roasts, we went further up J. A. Santos and turned right on M. A. Reyes Street, barely half a kilometer away. There we came upon a typical charming home where delicious food can be enjoyed. By the gate, you’ll see their poster. Feel free to go right in. There are small tables both inside the cafe and outside on a simple patio where one can enjoy the Segovia specialities in a relaxing, homey atmosphere. We chose to sit inside and order the special mamon to go with the strong, fresh-brewed coffee. The mamon was special indeed — soft and fluffy, with the perfect balance of sweet/buttery and salty/cheesy! A pillow of heaven is what I call it!

While waiting for our orders, we enjoyed looking at the colorful clippings from the Archie Comics comics of our childhood, which served as under-glass decorations on each table and observed one customer after another coming and going with their orders of boxes of goodies. Carmen makes the mamon herself every single day. To ensure the taste and quality are maintained to her exacting standards. And she bakes only 300 pieces a day! So pag ubos, ubos. Sorry na lang kayo! But there are other items offered, both sweet and savory. From cakes and cupcakes to sandwiches and pasta dishes. And I heard her custard cake — which Carmen calls her “pangit na cake” — is to die for! A return is a must for me so I can try the other goodies and write more about it.

But do come by and check it out for yourself: 7 M.A. Reyes St., Little Baguio, San Juan. You may call for orders or even for catering at 725-2849 or 727-4616.