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There are dozens of great Japanese restaurants to choose from in the southern suburbs — from BF Homes to Alabang to Sta. Rosa. One newcomer I came upon is Shinomiya — a small, Mom-and-Pop-like restaurant unobtrusively tucked away just behind UCC at the Alabang Westgate’s main plaza. It’s what the Japanese would perhaps call a taishu shokudo. So do not expect gourmet dining — this is your typical neighborhood eatery, casual and unpretentious, where one can enjoy simple, hearty meals at friendly prices.

I would have preferred their sashimi to come in thicker cuts, though. But they do grilled fresh fish beautifully. Their ramen dishes are pretty good — although I prefer my tempura crisp rather than soaking in the broth — and the servings are quite generous. If you like it spicy, order the Tantanmen. Its spiciness levels range from zero to 5 — 5 being the equivalent of hell-fire, I suppose. The “inferno” comes from a combination of chili oil, Japanese chili powder (shichimi), and fresh chilis chopped up and sprinkled on top. Tantanmen, after all, was originally a Szechuan noodle dish which the Japanese have adopted as their own. And Shinomiya‘s version is not for the faint of heart.

Eponymously named for its proprietors — a Filipina and her Japanese husband — the kitchen is run by two Japanese chefs. And the customers are usually all Japanese — which for me is a good sign of the food’s authenticity and acceptability.

And — so sorry neh but… — I get a good giggle from some of their signs… Yup, there oughta be a “law”, heehee.


In case you are wondering what a “Japanese Winner” is… it is simply Japanese-style sausage or wiener! Haven’t tried it yet so I am not sure if it’s made of pork or octopus.Shinomiya-Winner