In the midst of this intensely hot and oppressively humid summer, my thoughts turned to iced tea. Not just any iced tea, but… the legendary Butterfly Iced Tea.

Those of my generation would know what I’m talking about. That sweet, frothy, and refreshing iced tea concocted at the Butterfly Restaurant — by day, the watering hole of golfers along U.P. Diliman’s long University Avenue, when there used to be a large golf course there, and by night, a folk house where the hippies and musicians of the 60s and 70s loved to play and hang out. I don’t remember which hole the restaurant served as I’m no golfer, but I do remember my avid golfer uncle, Tito Mars Allas, once or twice took us kids there and I had my first taste of that delightful iced tea.

Allmytea Iced Tea à la Butterfly

With this summer’s heat index rising to around 41°C (105°F) and humidity at ridiculous levels, I turn to Allmytea Iced Tea concentrate to fix myself an à la Butterfly Iced Tea. Of all the iced tea products, this for me approximates the taste of that iced tea concoction of my youth.

It is recommended to pour 1 part Allmytea concentrate to 6 parts water, but I just usually wing it. What I do is pour a mixture of Allmytea and water 1:2 into a thermos or any long sealable container filled with lots of ice cubes. Then I close it tight and shake it vigorously like Tom Cruise in “Cocktail”. I pour that icy, foamy mixture all into a tall glass with the right amount of cold water and more ice and drop in lots of lemon slices. Ahhhhhhh, that’s what I call an almighty refreshing drink! Take that, summer!

I usually find Allmytea iced tea concentrate at the Landmark Supermarket.