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Don’t ask me why but, for me, rainy days = ramen! Steaming hot and richly flavorful broth, fresh and firm noodles, comfort food happiness. And when I need a ramen fix, I go to Yushoken at the Molito Complex in Alabang.

When Yushoken Ramen burst into the scene at the height of the ramen rage a few years ago, I was ecstatic. Created in partnership between Elbert Cuenca and Ryan Cruz and working with the great Ramen Chef Champions of Japan, headed by the “ramen god” Kazuo Yamagishi, it is definitely not your run-of-the-mill ramen house. Koji Tashiro, a ramen champion and chosen heir of Yamagishi, has provided his own ramen recipes.

Yushoken claims to offer the ideal balance of broth, ramen, and toppings for the most authentic ramen experience. The Tonkotsu broth is deeply flavorful and rich with pork bone marrow and collagen, distilled from hours and hours of boiling and simmering. And the noodles are made fresh right in the restaurant every day, using water that has the right alkaline level which guarantees the perfect texture. The same goes with the wrapper for their excellent gyoza. My personal opinion — it’s the best gyoza I have ever had! Needless to say, the pork and the toppings are absolutely divine. And don’t forget to order the aji tamago (or, more precisely, ajitsuke tamago) to go with your bowl of ramen. Every little bit and ingredient that goes into each bowl of Yushoken ramen is painstakingly prepared and executed to guarantee the perfectly authentic and umami-full experience.

Without question, it lives up to its name. Yusho = champion and ken = house. It is, I’m sure you’ll agree, a house of champions!

By the way… sorry but not sorry — no take-outs, no doggie bags. The ramen MUST be experienced right here and now — fresh, at the peak of their delicious perfection.

No reservations either. Take a chance there’ll be a seat for you. It will be worth it.