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I remember the first real and proper deli that I patronized was the venerable SÄNTIS, owned by Werner Berger (aka Sänti). If I remember right, he was the Executive Chef for Philippine Airlines back in the 70s until he retired and established Euro-Swiss Food Inc. in 1984. And in 1987, he opened Sänti’s Delicatessen on Yakal St. in Makati, offering a wide selection of imported European meats and food products … and wine and cheese, of course … like Manila had never enjoyed before. People, especially gourmets, flocked to his deli and made it part of their weekly marketing to-do.

Of course, not before long, delicatessens (from the French word délicatesse, meaning “delicious things [to eat]) became popular and familiar sources of European food products, like cheeses, sausages and cured meats, other specialty fare, and even prepared dishes. Not soon after, Terry’s opened in the 90s, bringing superb Spanish meats and dishes, thanks to Señor Juan Carlos de Terry.

And now comes a new favorite deli for me, Brera. Owned by the S&L Fine Foods group, it, too, offers a good repertoire of European gourmet food products. Like both Sänti’s and Terry’s Selection, Brera offers as well excellently prepared dishes which make use of and showcase the fine merchandise they sell. The steaks and pastas are outstanding, although being a bit on the the pricey side.

Brera Delicatessen is located at Molito Shopping Complex across from Ayala Alabang Village. And recently, a branch has now openned on the ground floor of the Park Terraces Tower at the Glorietta Complex in Makati.