After a lifetime mastering the art of eating well, learning how to cook… and cook well or at least cooking well enough for the food to be edible… is a joyful adventure. I love cooking with my cast-iron pan, mainly because they retain heat well and cooking temperatures stay even and consistent. So no well-done food on one side and raw on the other unless I screw-up majorly, that is. Unfortunately, I’ve had a pan or two damaged by my yaya who can’t believe that she should not scrub and wash the pan with soap after it’s used. So I end up buying a new one every few years. But with proper care, a really good and solid cast-iron pan can give great cooking pleasure for many many years… even generations.cast-iron care


There are more smart cooking tips at the RealAge website… like how to keep the freshness of one’s herbs… for wanna-bes like me (and perhaps you, too?) who dream of being a smart cook…ie. [-ิ_•ิ]