Truffle Noire and Manchego + Fruits

Truffe Noire and Manchego + Fruits

My latest cheesy discovery is the Truffe Noire Cheese — creamy Gouda cheese studded with bits of black Italian summer truffles. A little pricey but definitely worth it! The first time I bit into the cheese… hmmm, yes, I detect that delicate taste of the truffles… Then I bit on a grape with the cheese still in my mouth and… Oh.My.God! suddenly, that distinctive, decadently earthy and umami-licious truffle flavor exploded in my mouth! It was pure gustatory ecstasy!

I’m saving half of the slab to make Truffe Noire Steak for dinner. I can already imagine how exquisite that would be — perfectly cooked rib-eye or porterhouse topped with crumbled Truffe Noir Cheese to melt over the steak while it rests! Paired with a lovely Bordeaux — I think that would be just about heavenly, wouldn’t you agree?